Several existing games and gaming platforms are set to integrate NFTs in various ways via the Aptos network, thanks to a new collaboration between Aptos Labs and crypto gaming platform READYgg.

At least four games or social gaming platforms are expected to launch their Web3 elements on Aptos by the end of the year. READYgg said that it has signed more than 20 Web2 game publishers to add blockchain elements to their games.

Confirmed titles include dungeon crawler RPG Runestone Keeper (PC/iOS/Android) from Cimu Games, action game Rescue Robots Sniper Survival (Android) from Aeria Games Canada, and the Minijuegos and ToroFun social gaming platforms.

A READYgg representative told Decrypt’s GG that Runestone Keeper will feature collectible hero characters as NFTs, while players can also mint an in-game “run” as an NFT and then create tournaments for other players to attempt. Rescue Robots, meanwhile, will have NFT weapons and gun wraps, plus players can create and sell their own content via NFTs.


Both Minijuegos and ToroFun will adopt NFT-based loyalty models that reward players for engagement. The READYgg ecosystem is backed by the RDYX token.

"This partnership with READYgg will accelerate the delivery of studio-quality Web3 games, user experiences, and compelling ownable assets,” said Mo Shaikh, co-founder & CEO of Aptos Labs, in a release.

READYgg is set to start launching these games on Aptos beginning December 6, with an allowlist campaign beginning today to allow eligible players early access to the games.

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