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The people behind Decrypt.

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Andrew Asmakov


Czech Republic

Andrew has over 20 years experience in journalism and entered the crypto space in 2012. Since then, he has interviewed the likes of Dr. Adam Back, Jimmy Song, Emin Gün Sirer, Ricardo Spagni, Zooko Wilcox and many other prominent individuals in the industry. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.

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André Beganski



André is a reporter at Decrypt. He is a recent graduate of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, where he studied Business and Economics Reporting and specialized in Data Journalism. He is based in Queens, New York, and has written for The New York Times and the New York Daily News. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

Ryan Bubinski

Co-founder & CTO

Puerto Rico

Ryan is an entrepreneur, educator and software developer. He is a founding member of, and a Co-founder of Codecademy.

Eric Chen

VP of Revenue


Eric is VP of Revenue at Decrypt. He has spent his career helping publishers monetize and is excited for the opportunities that crypto brings to publishers and the world. Eric is passionate about hip hop, entrepreneurship, and tech.

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Stacy Elliott

Markets Editor

New Jersey

Stacy wrote for TheStreet Crypto after spending three years as a data analyst and product manager on the Goldman Sachs technology risk team. Prior to joining Goldman, Stacy led the data reporting team at Fortune. Before joining Fortune, she worked as a data reporter at Bankrate and the Star-Ledger. Disclosure: She owns less than 1 BTC and less than 2 ETH.

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Stephen Graves

Special Projects Editor


Stephen oversees sponsored content, Learn, and other special editorial and commercial projects at Decrypt. Previously he has contributed to titles including Stylus, Stuff, and LS:N Global. Disclosure: He owns 1 BTC and a significant amount of SCRT and SIENNA, and has recused himself from writing or editing stories about SCRT and SIENNA.

Alexander Gusev

Software Engineer


Alex is a software engineer, indiepreneur and digital nomad. He has worked for various companies over the last decade.

Luke Hamilton

Senior Software Engineer

Greenville, SC

Luke is a Software Engineer based in the US. He has worked for various startups over the last decade.

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Andrew Hayward

Culture Editor


Andrew is Decrypt’s Culture Editor. He began writing for Decrypt in 2019 as part of a 15-year freelance career, which included bylines at Rolling Stone, Vice, Playboy, Polygon, and more. Andrew has also worked on a film and several books. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC, less than 5 ETH, and some NFTs.

Ilan Hazan

Co-founder & Head of Product


Ilan is a Product Engineer and co-founder of Decrypt, based in Paris. He previously co-founded LitePaper.

Michelle Hermansen

Executive Assistant


Michelle is the Executive Assistant to the senior leadership team and lends her vocal talents to Decrypt videos. She has spent her career helping early stage tech companies fulfill their vision. She is also a passionate singer/songwriter and regularly performs in her electro indie pop band The Cedar Sisters.

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Euny Hong

Head of Educational Content


Euny Hong is a Paris-based journalist, bestselling author, and early-ish crypto adopter. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN, among others. She studied philosophy at Yale, which weirdly was a good foundation for understanding all things crypto.

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Kate Irwin

Reporter & Creative Producer


Kate is the creative producer of GG and the lead gaming reporter at Decrypt. She has also written for Input, Dot Esports, and Game Rant. She's a graduate of UC Berkeley and Columbia University. Disclosure: She owns less than 1 BTC, less than 5 ETH, and some NFTs.

Reza Jafery

PubDAO Community Lead


Reza has been in crypto since 2016 and was one of the most read writers on Medium and Quora for several years on crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. He’s worked with several top coin projects on tokenomics. Find him on Discord. Disclosure: He owns an irresponsible amount of NFTs.

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Guillermo Jimenez



Guillermo is Managing Editor of Decrypt. He’s based in Austin, Texas, and has previously worked as a writer, editor, and podcast producer for various publications. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

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Liam J. Kelly

Europe News Editor


Liam is the Europe News Editor at Decrypt. He is a Berlin-based journalist who’s been covering the cryptocurrency space since 2016. Bylines include Wired UK, Exberliner, BreakerMag, and more. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 1 ETH, and more than $1,000 worth of POLS, WBTC, DPI, FLI, AAVE, and UFT.

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Jose Antonio Lanz

Writer & Translator


Jose is a journalist, lawyer, professor, and strategic planning specialist whose work has appeared in various cryptocurrency and blockchain publications. He is a native of Venezuela, and writes and translates for Decrypt US and for Decrypt Español. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC.

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Sander Lutz


Los Angeles

Sander is a reporter at Decrypt. Prior to getting into crypto, he worked in the entertainment industry at Hollywood talent agencies like CAA, and in academia at UC Berkeley School of Law. He graduated from UC Berkeley and has a masters in history from Cambridge. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

Rodrigo Martinez

Product Designer


Rodrigo is a Product Designer based in Spain. His areas of expertise include UX, UI, Graphic Design and Front End. He has worked in Europe, USA and Latin America.

Courtney McDermid

VP of Strategy


Courtney manages client initiatives across the Decrypt commercial, editorial, product, and live events teams. Previously, she spent more than five years supporting multiple groups at IAB Tech Lab. Prior to that, she worked with other companies in the advertising and real estate industries.

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Jason Nelson


Los Angeles

Jason is a reporter at Decrypt with a passion for Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, Web3, and DAO communities. Before joining Decrypt full-time, he hosted a YouTube channel and podcast called Crypto Insights Journal. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

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Ryan Ozawa

Pacific News Editor


Ryan is a native Hawaiian journalist and media maker based in Honolulu. He has over 25 years of experience in editing and writing, including serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the University of Hawaii's then-daily campus newspaper. He graduated with a degree in journalism, and is today a regular contributor to every major media outlet in the Aloha State. He most recently served as the community engagement lead for the state of Hawaii's Digital Currency Innovation Lab. He's on Telegram at @hawaiihui. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC, less than 5 ETH, and some NFTs.

Josh Quittner

Co-founder & CEO

San Francisco

Josh is the CEO of Decrypt. He co-founded the site in 2018. He's been an editor and writer at Flipboard, Business 2.0, Fortune, TIME, Newsday, and the Albuquerque Journal, among others. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 3 ETH.

Alanna Roazzi-Laforet

Publisher & CRO

Los Angeles

Alanna is Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer of Decrypt. She's formerly the Head of Digital Sales at Condé Nast and one of the founders of AdToken.

Josh Roth

VP of Development

Los Angeles

Josh is VP of Development for Decrypt Studios. He is an Emmy-nominated and Clio Award-winning producer and writer with 15 years of experience in the film, television, and branded content industries.

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Mat Di Salvo



Mathew is a freelance journalist based in Latin America who writes for Decrypt with a particular focus on banking the unbanked, privacy coins and crime. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

Emre Yilmaz

Software Engineer


Emre is a Software Engineer based in Germany. He has worked for various companies over the last decade.

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