Our investors

Decrypt was incubated inside ConsenSys Mesh from 2018 to 2022, and in April 2022 raised $10 million in funding and spun out. These are our 22 investors:

Venture Firms

Canvas Ventures


Hashkey Capital

IOSG Ventures

SKH Group

XBTO Humla Ventures


Global Coin Research DAO

Honey DAO

Orange DAO


Strategic Partners

ConsenSys Inc.


Nexo Inc.

Protocol Labs

Angel Investors and Syndicates

Alex Bamberger

Audrey LLC

Don Ho

Jordan Garbis

Richard Dai

Steven Fingerhood

Terry McDonell

William Mougayar

A wall between business and editorial

Decrypt has strict "church and state" policies to ensure the business side of the company cannot exercise influence over the editorial staff. This includes excluding business and ad sales staff from our editorial Slack rooms. Our staff reporters are not involved in writing sponsored content.

Writers and their crypto holdings

Many Decrypt writers and editors own a small amount of cryptocurrency, in part to ensure they understand the industry they cover. All of our currently active full-time and freelance writers and editors disclose their crypto holdings on their author bio page—just click the byline at the top of any story.

If a writer owns a significant amount of a specific coin (other than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana), they are discouraged from reporting on it. We define "significant" as having a value of more than $1,000.

We also publish content from the network of Rug Radio creators. These creators must also disclose their holdings but are free to produce content about any coin or token so long as disclosures are made.

We update the disclosures on author pages quarterly.