A month after the Bitcoin Ordinals collection, Runestone, airdropped tokens to eligible wallets, a Dogecoin Ordinals project hosted its own airdrop this week in honor of the milestone.

After the initial Doge Runestone airdrop, the collection of 30,272 Dogecoin NFTs began trading on the secondary market with a total trading volume of 80,142 DOGE, or nearly $15,000 worth. The current floor price for a Doge Runestone is 170 DOGE, around $32 on the Ordinals Wallet Dogecoin marketplace.

Tweet by @RoboAI_DRC420

Robo AI, the group behind the Doge Runestone drop, told Decrypt that it’s building a DRC-420 protocol on Doginals to enable more advanced types of Dogecoin-based media. A project representative described this project as the “first like this type of collection” on Dogecoin’s blockchain.


Spun off from the Ordinals inscription craze, Doge Runestone takes its name from the Runestone collection of 112,383 collectibles airdropped to a select group of wallets.

Launched in May 2023, the DRC-20 protocol allows the creation of fungible tokens on the Dogecoin blockchain.

There are over 150 Dogecoin-themed NFT projects, according to data from Doginal Explorer.

Following an earlier experiment on the Bitcoin blockchain, a pseudonymous Dogecoin enthusiast added a playable copy of classic video game Doom to the Dogecoin blockchain earlier this year via the Doginals protocol. Ordinal Inscriptions have also crossed over into the Ethereum ecosystem with ETHscriptions.

Pseudonymous NFT historian Leonidas, one of the co-creators of the Runestone project on Bitcoin, said that he’s all for airdrops like this that follow their lead.


“Runestone introduced a new template for how to distribute a token that we are calling the free and fair model,” Leonidas told Decrypt. “When I see that other projects are copying the free and fair model, I love it. The more airdrops like Runestone, the better.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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