No, the infamous crypto influencer hasn’t turned into a Game Boy. Instead, the Bitcoin project Ordz Games is getting ready to release its first gaming device that promises a lot of functionality. 

Crypto games, classic emulated games, hardware wallets, and mining tokens are all promised with this device—most of which aren’t available on the original Game Boy. At an expected price around $500, does the BitBoy One pack enough of a punch for you to part with your hard earned cash?

What is the BitBoy One?

The BitBoy One is a Bitcoin-centric handheld gaming device that’s specifically designed to run games by Ordz Games. Gamers won’t be limited to the blockchain, however; with modest specs perfect for an emulator, users will be able to boot up digital copies of classic games.


On top of gaming, the BitBoy One will also work as a Bitcoin hardware wallet and mine tokens from decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) simply by leaving the device running.

It was announced by its creators on April 4 by minting a Bitcoin Ordinals-based 3D animation of the device, marking the sixth-largest Ordinals inscription of all time. It was then shown off in-person at Paris Blockchain Week.

Which games will be on it?

Gamers care about games. So, what games will it have?

As it’s designed to run games by Ordz Games, it’s safe to assume most (if not all) games by the project will be supported. Ordz Games’ library includes '80s-style home defense game Ordz City, PFP-driven survival game Ordz Heroes, and a spin on the classic mobile game Ordz Snake. But it may support other play-to-earn games outside of the Ordz ecosystem.


On top of this, the device promises to run emulated retro games from the original PlayStation era and earlier, and apparently Nintendo DS too. We’re hoping Hogs of War will be supported.

What specs does it have?

Just as was the case with the Game Boy, we shouldn’t expect lots of firepower when it comes to the BitBoy.

Utilizing a popular processor in the emulator community, the RockChip RK3566, as well as 32GB of internal memory, a 256 TF storage card, 4GB RAM, and a 3,500 mAh battery pack, we certainly won’t be running GTA 6 on this device. But, these specs prop it up perfectly to emulate classic games, producing basic 3D graphics—nothing super modern or lavish.

The BitBoy One gaming handheld
The BitBoy One gaming handheld. Image: Ordz Games

The 3.45 inch 640x480 screen and classic Game Boy-inspired shape (with a Bitcoin-influenced color scheme) should make the BitBoy One an easy device to cart around.

When is the BitBoy One being released?

A first wave of preorders for the BitBoy One Genesis unit went up for sale on April 17, with all 1,000 early units selling out. Prices ranged from 0.0069 BTC (around $420) to 0.01 BTC (just over $600) depending on whether buyers had been added to a certain allowlist or not.

An Ordz Games representative previously told Decrypt’s GG that the device is targeting a price point around $500. Emulation devices with this same process typically sell for less than $100, but play-to-earn gaming rewards and DePIN farming could help justify the price.

How is it a Bitcoin wallet?

The BitBoy One will also double as a Bitcoin hardware wallet. As a result, owners of the device will be able to use wallet apps like Xverse and Unisat as well as manage their assets using the system’s interface. This integration will allow for a more seamless interaction with the device's ability to run play-to-earn games.

In addition to this, Ordz claims that the BitBoy One will also be able to mine tokens from decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs). Simply by leaving the device running, you’ll be able to tap into DePIN mining and potentially earn crypto. It’s important to note that the device will not be able to mine Bitcoin due to its fairly limited processing power. 


All in all, the BitBoy One promises a lot—from crypto gaming to emulating classics, not to mention a portable Bitcoin hardware wallet and mining. Scheduled for release at the end of the year, will the device justify its $500 price tag enough to get gamers onboard?

Edited by Andrew Hayward

Editor's note: This story was originally published on April 12, 2024 and last updated with new details on April 18.

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