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Want to be part of a global community of 4 million readers at the forefront in technology and finance? Step this way. Decrypt helps people understand how and why decentralized technology is changing the world.

About Decrypt

  • Decrypt is a media company covering crypto and the decentralized web.
  • We serve over 4 million readers a month. We are the fastest growing site covering the blockchain space. In 2020, we grew our audience by x20.
  • We focus on telling impactful stories in clear, concise ways. Other content is needlessly technical and complicated.
  • Our audience is heavily US-based, well educated, aged between 25-45, with a deep interest in technology and finance.
  • We believe in contextual brand placements which are effective, non-intrusive and add to the reader experience.

Our mission

Decrypt was founded with a simple mission: to demystify the decentralized web.

We are a brand dedicated to helping people understand this brave new world by delivering essential journalism underpinned by four values.

  1. Simplify, simplify, simplify.
  2. Focus on storytelling.
  3. Tell the truth.
  4. Use Web3 to cover Web3.

Audience & Impact

Our readers are already trading digital assets, building web 3 products, they're putting ETFs on blockchain and going bankless.

Our audience gets to the future first.

They are a global audience, well educated, aged between 25-45, with a strong interest in technology and finance.

  • Scale: Millions of unique visitors per month.
  • Device: Mobile - 80%
  • Geo: USA - 53%
  • Age: 25-44 - 66%
  • Interests: Technology and internet, career development, investing, banking and finance, media and geopolitics.

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Decrypt stories are featured regularly in top tier publications. We have experience integrating leading blockchain and crypto brands into our content experience.

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